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Collective will hold its 4th Annual Easter Brunch event at Café DaVinci this spring. Collective’s Sunday Easter event will include live music, an abbreviated service, delicious food, and Trilogy cold brew coffee. The event starts at 11:00AM on March 27, 2016 and will be held outdoors at Café DaVinci in downtown DeLand.

Greed is an incredibly difficult subject to address. It is not a certain amount of money, but rather a posture toward money, wealth, and the thing we perceive to be connected to it. Money is essential. It can be a vehicle for goodness and an used as an expression generosity. It also can be an anchor that plunges us into self-destruction, or an ember that sets us ablaze with obsessive consumption. Join us as we explore the inclinations of our hearts toward money, and offer some practical disciplines that can help form us in ways of healthy relationship toward money. Plus there will be some outstanding music!

February 21, 2016  

The desires that motivate and call us into the fullness of life, can also be hooks and anchors by which we are drawn into self destruction. The same embers which glow with warmth and save us from the cold, can quickly burn us to the ground. This week we begin our Lenten journey of introspection and self examination. Rather than looking out, remaining in the abstraction of intellect, philosophy and theology, we'll turn these disciplines inward. We'll use the lenses of vice and virtue to explore our habits and inclinations, and examine our form of life. Are our impulses and their expressions leading us into more vital ways of being, or robbing us of the thriving life that is, deep down, behind our desires?

On the heels of another great visit from Peter Rollins, we return to the PRIMARY Series with a look at the story of Daniel in the lion's den. Join us for reflections on the problems created by power struggles, what the art history of this Daniel story shows us and asks of us, as well as a new twist on how this story invites us to reflect on our own formation, convictions, and interpretation of the story we're living.

This week we explored water's ability to suspend us (and our stories), which brings us to a place where transformation is possible. We drew connections with the way our community's practice of meditation offers similar gifts. We engaged in reflection and practice through song, word, silence, readings, conversation, Eucharist and more.

This week we bring together our month-long focus on water, the theme of birth (in honor of mother's day), and the tension in the relationship between the practice we control, and the elements of the spiritual experience we can't control. Through the inspiration and challenge of our liturgy - exciting new music, words and silence, readings, Baptism, Eucharist and more. Come as you are. 5PM.


What does it mean to live in the wake of death? This is a different way of looking at resurrection, but it asks an important question about how we interact with the idea of life in the wake of various deaths, whether our own or another. This week, our own Dave Joseph brought together the themes of life and death, of resurrection and desert wilderness. Come support the many voices who form our communal voice. Check it out here. The liturgy is below so you can follow along.  And why not subscribe to the channel while you're at it?! 

For the third year, we descended upon the Cafe with the full force of a celebration worthy of the kind of life that defies death. Our pattern has become a DeLand tradition. Our brief service included a short reflection and words of hope, as well as music from our musical guest. This year, our live music featured Uproot Hootenanny, a phenomenal, high-energy, blue-grass, Irish folk band. Our meal included Free-Wil BBQ, Trilogy Coffee, vegetarian options and more! A DeLand event and an Easter you never want to miss. Eat, drink and be merry!


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