Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week we wrap up our season in the Psalms. We'll end with a bit of a double reading, examining both the literal final Psalm in the collection, as well as a Psalm that serves as a benediction, or a sort of sending blessing of closure. We'll make some connections with last weeks look at breath, as well as raise some questions about praise, God, blessing, and who all of this is ultimately for and about. Join us!

This week we'll travel familiar territory, but will do so by an unfamiliar path. We'll ask some questions about the revival of the soul, spoken of in Psalm 23, getting behind some the specific words and phrases that bring that understanding to life. We'll also engage in some very practical, tactile engagement with how we might experience this.

This week we'll explore the cry for justice. We'll join the Psalmist in lamenting the reality that justice does not exist... even as we celebrate the fact that we know what justice is. Even without existence, we know the unconditional call of justice in our gut and in our bones. So, how can it not be a thing, and yet so powerfully move us and shape us?

This week we'll explore a psalm that expresses not only the value of refuge and stillness, but advocates the practice of stillness as an avenue into the experience of refuge. Join us to think about and to be... still.

This week, we sing with the Psalmist in celebration of God's good world. Not only for celebration itself, nor merely for gratitude that the earth supplies resources, but because this expression shapes our relationship with the earth. How can we care for that which we do not love, a planet over which we do not marvel, and for which we offer no celebration and gratitude. Psalm 104 aims to shape our relatedness to the soil.

We continue this week, exploring the honesty of inner turmoil and raw expression. In Psalm 22 we find a question, central to the human experience, and one that connect the Psalms with the center of the Christian tradition. Not only the "Why?", but all of the assumptions we bring to that question.

In Psalm 44, we continue be oriented and disoriented by these songs, and the world into which they intend to draw us. This week we'll focus on the ways this Psalm inverts and reverses the assumed order of things, disorienting the reader, and inviting us into the silence of God. We'll explore our own experiences with the sacred, and how these have shaped our expectations of the sacred. Join us for dialogue and reflection.

This week we begin a season of plundering the treasure of the biblical songbook. The Psalms invite us, by song and prayer, poetry, ecstasy, and tragedy - to feel, to think and re-think, to touch the depths of our inner light and darkness, and to listen as our inner songs harmonize with the songs of light and darkness among our community. It draws not on intellectual theology, but the experience of life held in the suspension of a dynamic faith. Psalm 88 invites us, maybe more than any other Psalm, to apologetically unfiltered, and even offensively honest, expression.

Last week we explored a story we'd never heard. This week we'll look at a passage it is nearly impossible to avoid. "The Lord is my shepherd..." You know the rest. Whether from a funeral or from listening to Gangsta's Paradise. This is part of the problem. We can become so familiar with a text and its supposed meaning that we lose the ability to encounter it in fresh ways. This week, we'll aim to do just that.


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