Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

Following Ben's trip to the WAKE festival in Ireland with Pete Rollins, he'll be hosting a few sessions to share his experience and insights from the content, as well as process out-loud in real time with anyone interested in delving deeper into the theory and practice of Radical Theology.

Join us for our Sunday night service, but in place of a sermon, we've carved out some additional time for an interview with Peter Rollins. We've heard his lectures and his parables, so in this event, we'll attempt to hear his story. Where does Peter Rollins come from, and how does he come to be Peter Rollins?

Peter is perhaps best known for integrating provocative stories and parables into his talks that connect with our deepest and most disturbing truths. Because of this we’ve asked Peter to talk the art of parables and share some of his favorites. If you have a story or parable then bring it along as we’d love you to share them with us at the end. We’ll pick some of our favorites and integrate them into future Collective gatherings (getting you to tell it if you’re available).

This week we continue our exploration of the connections between food and faith, with a classic passage. When Jesus speaks of Salt and Light, we do well to pay attention to means and ends, things of primary and secondary importance. Join us to reflect and taste, imagine and be inspired for a life of flavor and illumination.

This week we'll explore the cry for justice. We'll join the Psalmist in lamenting the reality that justice does not exist... even as we celebrate the fact that we know what justice is. Even without existence, we know the unconditional call of justice in our gut and in our bones. So, how can it not be a thing, and yet so powerfully move us and shape us?

Peter will offer a subversive reading of the Christian narrative and tradition, in which a community is gathered around a loss. Rather than an object of desire or faith, he will offer the lack of this object as the radical heart of good news. From here, he will offer a reading of the last supper as the "lost" supper, a slant sure to disturb and inspire.


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