Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

Join as we continue through our Fall series, |Re|Form! Tonight will also be Intergenerational night! Come as you are. All are welcome.

Our 6th installment of Prophets of Comedy! Come as you are. All are welcome. Please watch this week's Prophet of Comedy at the following link

This parable is offered to the self-righteous who look down on others - certainly none of us can relate. This Sunday we wrap up our summer of parables with a really fun reading with some fascinating twists. It invites some significant personal and social reflection, and has us considering the deceptions and illusions with which we unknowingly live.

This week we'll be weaving together a number of threads, including a couple of baptisms, and an exciting report from a couple Collective folks about a recent summer theological institute. We'll make these connections through the parable of the pearl, Harry Potter, and a ship of fools. We'll ask some important questions about how faith is so often understood as a fixed commodity, a point of arrival, when faith is so often experienced as a meandering, lived in process.

This week we'll experience a sort of sampler of sermons on this well worn parable. Often called "The Good Samaritan", this story offers several levels for engagement and interpretation. Ultimately, we want to peel back each layer, get a bit deeper, and attempt to reveal the deepest goodness this story holds. In a world rocked by suffering and fear, this week presents a unique opportunity to receive some truly GOOD news.

This Sunday we continue our engagement with parables, coloring them with our own experience. In addition to coloring sheets in the service, we’ll hear from the voice of the kids from their first reading. This week we’ll lean into the mysterious nature of parables, and the way they offer a sort of revelation through concealment. If you come looking for answers, they leave you with more questions, if you come desiring satisfaction, they seem only to further kindle your desire.

Four times in the Scroll of Esther, Queen Esther is asked what she desires. Three times she is promised power and riches. Esther's answers not only move the story along, but are revealing of the wishes of all women - to live peaceful, fearless lives where justice prevails.

Peter is perhaps best known for integrating provocative stories and parables into his talks that connect with our deepest and most disturbing truths. Because of this we’ve asked Peter to talk the art of parables and share some of his favorites. If you have a story or parable then bring it along as we’d love you to share them with us at the end. We’ll pick some of our favorites and integrate them into future Collective gatherings (getting you to tell it if you’re available).

This week we round out our exploration of the prodigal son with a practical reading that meets us where we live, in the complex world of relational dynamics, family history, conflicting values, and a sincere hope in the power of reconciliation. We'll see what happens when we free the story for the Divine-Human allegory connected with father and sons. Then we'll see what has really been lost, how people come to realize, and where God might be in the story, if not as the father.


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