Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

Join us for our eighth installment of Prophets of Comedy! Come as you are. All are welcome. 5pm.  Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to broadcast tonight's clip.  Please view it here:

This week we'll experience a sort of sampler of sermons on this well worn parable. Often called "The Good Samaritan", this story offers several levels for engagement and interpretation. Ultimately, we want to peel back each layer, get a bit deeper, and attempt to reveal the deepest goodness this story holds. In a world rocked by suffering and fear, this week presents a unique opportunity to receive some truly GOOD news.

With our Advent focus on the pure gift, and unconditional acts of mercy, we'll move this week into the tension of Mary and Martha, of being and doing. We'll explore this story which poses a question about the better way, turn the standard reading in on itself, and refuse to choose one or the other, instead, embracing the unresolved third way.

This week we continue our Advent exploration of the unconditional. From last week's look at unconditional gifts, we look this week at unconditional acts of mercy. We'll enter into the tension of all of the good done in the name of religion, and the propensity religion has to get in its own way, drawing acts of mercy into systems of mercenary economic rewards. Don't miss Mic The Prophet sitting in for the house band, and a shorter service followed immediately by the Christmas party!


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