Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

Welcome to Collective's Sunday after Christmas, Online Exclusive Liturgy.

This week we'll travel familiar territory, but will do so by an unfamiliar path. We'll ask some questions about the revival of the soul, spoken of in Psalm 23, getting behind some the specific words and phrases that bring that understanding to life. We'll also engage in some very practical, tactile engagement with how we might experience this.

This week we'll explore a psalm that expresses not only the value of refuge and stillness, but advocates the practice of stillness as an avenue into the experience of refuge. Join us to think about and to be... still.

What a mess! How do we begin to make sense of such a complex story, full of superstitious tasks, angelic directions, dubious questions and ridiculous outcomes. Should we seek signs? What if we get them? Do things actually turn out for the better? We'll wade into a mess of a story and try to make some sense and make some meaning. Bring your coloring hands, your creative ideas and contributing voices. Come as you are. 5PM

This week we begin our summer series, taking a colorful look through basic bible stories. We'll kick off this week with the classic story of the Tower of Babel, dispelling traditional interpretations of hubris and punishment, and looking instead toward themes of fear, certainty, diversity and unknowing. It's going to be a fun and colorful summer. Come as you are. All are welcome! 5PM

This week we explored water's ability to suspend us (and our stories), which brings us to a place where transformation is possible. We drew connections with the way our community's practice of meditation offers similar gifts. We engaged in reflection and practice through song, word, silence, readings, conversation, Eucharist and more.

This week we bring together our month-long focus on water, the theme of birth (in honor of mother's day), and the tension in the relationship between the practice we control, and the elements of the spiritual experience we can't control. Through the inspiration and challenge of our liturgy - exciting new music, words and silence, readings, Baptism, Eucharist and more. Come as you are. 5PM.


This week we celebrate Earth Day, which gave us a unique opportunity to pause this past Sunday to consider the relationship between our faith and the earth, as well as to celebrate the goodness of God's good world. In addition to exciting new music, moving meditations and a Eucharistic connection with the soil, we had the treat of learning from life-long environmentalist and spiritual practitioner, Jora Young. She  shared a bit of her story, her life practice and her unique blend of eco-spirituality. 


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