Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week we bring together our month-long focus on water, the theme of birth (in honor of mother's day), and the tension in the relationship between the practice we control, and the elements of the spiritual experience we can't control. Through the inspiration and challenge of our liturgy - exciting new music, words and silence, readings, Baptism, Eucharist and more. Come as you are. 5PM.


This week we begin our water emphasis month, connecting water and spirituality, elevating our awareness of the water crisis in the world, and preparing to raise funds to drill wells in the most water-impoverished places on the planet. We'll begin this week by surveying the world's faith traditions, and finding the imagery and reality of water as the uniting essence. We are one in our composition of and dependence upon water. If water is life, then it must speak to more than our biology. It must speak to our soul. Come as you are. 5PM.

Mike Furlong was being shaped by Collective influences before Collective existed; And Mike was shaping Collective before there was Collective to be shaped. The lives of this person and this congregation have been inextricably tangled, woven together for more than a decade. Join us this week as celebrate Mike's time with us, and encourage him as he moves on. 

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