Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

February 21, 2016  

The desires that motivate and call us into the fullness of life, can also be hooks and anchors by which we are drawn into self destruction. The same embers which glow with warmth and save us from the cold, can quickly burn us to the ground. This week we begin our Lenten journey of introspection and self examination. Rather than looking out, remaining in the abstraction of intellect, philosophy and theology, we'll turn these disciplines inward. We'll use the lenses of vice and virtue to explore our habits and inclinations, and examine our form of life. Are our impulses and their expressions leading us into more vital ways of being, or robbing us of the thriving life that is, deep down, behind our desires?

This week we revisit one of the well-worn stories of the Hebrew bible. Not only Daniel, but three of his his friends as well end up in a fiery furnace and live to tell about it. Engaging themes of magic, sorcery, dream interpretation, personality disorders, and mental instability, we'll look at the story from a very different angle and let it ask us some probing questions. What does the story have for us if we refuse the assumption that we are the protagonists in the furnace, and instead view ourselves as the twisted king who puts them there?


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