Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week, we sing with the Psalmist in celebration of God's good world. Not only for celebration itself, nor merely for gratitude that the earth supplies resources, but because this expression shapes our relationship with the earth. How can we care for that which we do not love, a planet over which we do not marvel, and for which we offer no celebration and gratitude. Psalm 104 aims to shape our relatedness to the soil.

Wine to Water is our way of supporting and acknowledging the worldwide water crisis. Wine to Water is a non-profit organization aiming to assist those in water crisis areas around the world, by drilling wells, and distributing necessary water filters. This organization not only distributes the products essential for clean drinking water, but also assists individuals in the community in utilizing their own products and materials, to sustain a clean source for years to come.

This week we explored water's ability to suspend us (and our stories), which brings us to a place where transformation is possible. We drew connections with the way our community's practice of meditation offers similar gifts. We engaged in reflection and practice through song, word, silence, readings, conversation, Eucharist and more.

This week we begin our water emphasis month, connecting water and spirituality, elevating our awareness of the water crisis in the world, and preparing to raise funds to drill wells in the most water-impoverished places on the planet. We'll begin this week by surveying the world's faith traditions, and finding the imagery and reality of water as the uniting essence. We are one in our composition of and dependence upon water. If water is life, then it must speak to more than our biology. It must speak to our soul. Come as you are. 5PM.

This week we celebrate Earth Day, which gave us a unique opportunity to pause this past Sunday to consider the relationship between our faith and the earth, as well as to celebrate the goodness of God's good world. In addition to exciting new music, moving meditations and a Eucharistic connection with the soil, we had the treat of learning from life-long environmentalist and spiritual practitioner, Jora Young. She  shared a bit of her story, her life practice and her unique blend of eco-spirituality. 


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