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This week we'll explore sloth on the continuum of work and rest, both of which can be overdone and underdone; both of which, when engaged in healthy rhythms, can be virtuous; and both of which, when taken to extremes, can be vices. At some point saying "Just work harder", fails to address the desires and hangups that lie behind our expressions of sloth. It's whats going on behind it that we're interested in.

March 8, 2016  

We live in a culture that is torn between the uninhibited expression of rage, and the polite expectation that we not even feel anger, or at least don't do anything about it. Bottle it up, swallow it, soothe it with self-help or religion. Anger is a human emotion, part of the story. Making choices about what we do with anger is a part of the way we choose to form ourselves and our world. Wrath chooses to hold onto vengeance in ways that poison ones self,and lead to violence toward others. Join us we think through this volatile vice.

February 21, 2016  

The desires that motivate and call us into the fullness of life, can also be hooks and anchors by which we are drawn into self destruction. The same embers which glow with warmth and save us from the cold, can quickly burn us to the ground. This week we begin our Lenten journey of introspection and self examination. Rather than looking out, remaining in the abstraction of intellect, philosophy and theology, we'll turn these disciplines inward. We'll use the lenses of vice and virtue to explore our habits and inclinations, and examine our form of life. Are our impulses and their expressions leading us into more vital ways of being, or robbing us of the thriving life that is, deep down, behind our desires?

This week we complete our journey in exploring hospitality and the unconditional, ending with among the most difficult forms of welcome, the welcome of self. More than merely the way we think of ourselves, we'll ask questions about the way we live in response t our own value, the conditions we place on our own acceptance, and the ways we project our limited welcome onto the divine. From how to love ourselves, to the ways the church heals or hurts us, we'll need your voice to round out a robust conversation.

Welcome to Collective's Sunday after Christmas, Online Exclusive Liturgy.

Join us for Christmas Eve together. Readings from the Christmas story and words of hope about the the all inclusive love, born at Christmas.

This week we continued our exploration of the connections between food and faith with a message on interfaith work in the world. When communities from various faith traditions gather together for peace and food, they are truly embodying faith. We reflected on different cultures, interfaith work, and were inspired to view food as a catalyst for peace.

This week we wrap up our season in the Psalms. We'll end with a bit of a double reading, examining both the literal final Psalm in the collection, as well as a Psalm that serves as a benediction, or a sort of sending blessing of closure. We'll make some connections with last weeks look at breath, as well as raise some questions about praise, God, blessing, and who all of this is ultimately for and about. Join us!

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