Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week we’ll explore a parable that plunges us into some territory almost too familiar for comfort. This story confronts us with the uncomfortable truth that our desire for clear-cut categories of good/ bad, black/ white, hero/ villain are constructs we create. In reality, we inhabit systems and economies with much more complex and nuanced interplay regarding our perception of what is fair. How then do we seek justice?

This Sunday we continue our engagement with parables, coloring them with our own experience. In addition to coloring sheets in the service, we’ll hear from the voice of the kids from their first reading. This week we’ll lean into the mysterious nature of parables, and the way they offer a sort of revelation through concealment. If you come looking for answers, they leave you with more questions, if you come desiring satisfaction, they seem only to further kindle your desire.

This Sunday we are beginning our summer coloring series, this year focusing on the parables by Jesus in the New Testament. However, we will start addressing this spectrum of imagery by looking at a parable from the Old Testament, the prophet Nathan’s message to King David. In this introduction, Ben and Ian will lead an early exploration into the mysterious nature of what a parable is and what a parable is not, and we will begin to uncover the necessity of our own engagement with these parables to give them meaning.


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