Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week we continue our emphasis on water by focusing on Christian creation poetry. Ben and Ian will begin and facilitate conversation surrounding water’s presence in creation, questioning whether creation comes out of nothing or out of something that already existed. We’ll continue our focus on water in creation to dissolve the myth of creativity and explore how it is accessible to all.

This week we begin our water emphasis month for the 4th year, exploring water imagery and metaphor with spirituality, as well as celebrating and adding to the 18 clean water wells we've drilled over the past four years to address water poverty globally. This week we'll look at water from these two angles: the physical need for literal water, and the existential need for spiritual "water". We'll highlight the way water tends to make equal the human pursuit of both.

Are we a wake? Wikipedia describes a wake as "a social rite which highlights the idea that the loss is one of a social group and affects that group as a whole.” Is that not who we are as we acknowledge the death of Christ in Communion? But are we really acknowledging that death? If we do, then do we have to face the deaths in our own lives? Whether its loved ones, or careers, or hopes and dreams, are we awake to our own pain? How might it connect us to Christ to be fully awake to our suffering, and fully a wake to our Christ. Living into the hope, the promise, that death doesn’t have the final word.


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