Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week we wrap up our season in the Psalms. We'll end with a bit of a double reading, examining both the literal final Psalm in the collection, as well as a Psalm that serves as a benediction, or a sort of sending blessing of closure. We'll make some connections with last weeks look at breath, as well as raise some questions about praise, God, blessing, and who all of this is ultimately for and about. Join us!

This week we'll travel familiar territory, but will do so by an unfamiliar path. We'll ask some questions about the revival of the soul, spoken of in Psalm 23, getting behind some the specific words and phrases that bring that understanding to life. We'll also engage in some very practical, tactile engagement with how we might experience this.

This week we'll explore the cry for justice. We'll join the Psalmist in lamenting the reality that justice does not exist... even as we celebrate the fact that we know what justice is. Even without existence, we know the unconditional call of justice in our gut and in our bones. So, how can it not be a thing, and yet so powerfully move us and shape us?

This week we'll explore a psalm that expresses not only the value of refuge and stillness, but advocates the practice of stillness as an avenue into the experience of refuge. Join us to think about and to be... still.


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