Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

This week our Primary series will move us through the story of the Red Sea, toward baptism and Eucharist. We'll celebrate the baptism of Jackson Ballenger and make connections to the ways the uncertain journey of life and faith draw us into a profound belonging.

Have you ever been confused by the story of the ten commandements? What are they? Why do they matter so much? Do they? Are they a clear standard for living right, or a sacrchastic punishment? Are they a map to a promised place, or a vision for human flourishing? This week we'll explore the Sinai story with fresh ears and eyes for a hopeful vision of life beyond rules.

What a mess! How do we begin to make sense of such a complex story, full of superstitious tasks, angelic directions, dubious questions and ridiculous outcomes. Should we seek signs? What if we get them? Do things actually turn out for the better? We'll wade into a mess of a story and try to make some sense and make some meaning. Bring your coloring hands, your creative ideas and contributing voices. Come as you are. 5PM

This week we begin our summer series, taking a colorful look through basic bible stories. We'll kick off this week with the classic story of the Tower of Babel, dispelling traditional interpretations of hubris and punishment, and looking instead toward themes of fear, certainty, diversity and unknowing. It's going to be a fun and colorful summer. Come as you are. All are welcome! 5PM

Wine to Water is our way of supporting and acknowledging the worldwide water crisis. Wine to Water is a non-profit organization aiming to assist those in water crisis areas around the world, by drilling wells, and distributing necessary water filters. This organization not only distributes the products essential for clean drinking water, but also assists individuals in the community in utilizing their own products and materials, to sustain a clean source for years to come.


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