Collective Podcast Sermons for threshold faith communities.

March 31, 2015

Have you ever wondered why religion can so often feel scripted or performative, as if people are just playing roles and fulfilling obligations? What might it look like to challenge religion to overcome itself with the intent that is evidenced by the rules of the system? Put simply, can the spirit of the law transcend the letter of the law? This week we explored the relationship between these systems and the rules of law, vs the radical prejudice of love. We'll get at the tension between the desire for a system to tell us exactly what to do, prescribing us our roles, and the freedom by which we are moved beyond the systems, caught up in a love that transcends the ruling structures.

March 22, 2015  

Rather than thinking of God as that which cures our desire - that which satisfies or fills a perceived void - this week we'll explore the possibility that God is precisely the one that cures us of the deception of satisfaction. Perhaps it is God, or in the aftermath of God, who leaves us with the void, the ache, the desire for the sacred. We'll explore presence, absence and desire through word, music, meditation, silence, Eucharist and more. Come as you are 5PM. 




March 8, 2015  

Stepping further into the season of Lent, we continue to explore the work of Peter Rollins. This week we walk the third way between Immanence and Transcendence, discovering a faithful kind of knowing unknowing. New music, meaningful conversation, and we'll be counting on those in the room and the community online to collaborate to help finish the sermon. Bring your voice and your presence. 

March 1, 2015  

In the aftermath of Peter Rollins' epic visit, we'll be spending the season of Lent exploring some of the philosophical intersections with faith and practice at Collective. Picking up where we left off, with the Eucharist, we'll look this week at the philosophical critique of ideology (our ideas) and the biblical rejection of idolatry (our images). Finding uncomfortable similarities, we'll be challenged to loosen our grip on our ideas about God, embracing the mystery and ambiguity encountered in the idol and ideology broken open at the table. 


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